Luke Vandenavond

“After graduation I attended a four year college to pursue a bachelor’s degree of science in MIS, which I am happy to say I completed this February. While working on my BA in MIS, I worked as an intern at Harley-Davidson. At Harley I provided level 1 and level 2 help desk support. The internship ended with my graduation, and I am now happy to say I have a full time programmer analyst position at Northwestern Mutual. So far the new job has been exciting and challenging!Beyond an update, I also wanted to write to let you all know about the quality of the ing program at NWTC. From a technical skill stand point, I apply what I learned at NWTC on a daily basis. When compared to what was provided at the four year college, the technical knowledge base I gained from NWTC was far greater. The four year college helped expand my understanding of IS’ business side, but I will always be indebted to NWTC and more specifically that Network Specialist program for providing me the practical skills needed to succeed. I find myself preaching the quality of education I received through your program to anyone willing to listen. If there is anything I can do to help with the continuing success of the Network Specialist program, please let me know.”