Cisco Networking Academy
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Learn about the program!

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Read Testimonials from Students!

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About the Program

IT Systems Administrators are engineers who are responsible for computer installation, upgrade, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Network Specialists can also choose to be administrators or analysts concentrating on design and security. Further responsibilities included monitoring and maintaining an active for optimal performance.

“I am an older returning RN/BSN who has had exposure to other Big 10 University settings as well as taught at a small liberal arts college. I entered the Network Specialist Program with the hopes of expanding my current career to develop into a second career. My thought was that the environment I was entering would be technical and one-dimensional. What I found was very different. I found an intellectually stimulating environment where new ideas were encouraged and research ideas were promoted. Despite my lack of experience, I was never made to feel anything but welcome and encouraged in my path through the IT field. Help in all forms was made available to me. I soon found myself intellectually challenged as well as technically trained. (And all this for an affordable price.)” – Mary Saphner